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As with other responsible organisations we see the effect our operations can have on the environment.

We have taken up the challenge to provide superior and environmentally compatible print production. We have embraced the demand for the highest environmental standards without compromising our production excellence or our superior customer service.

Sustainable development is important to us.

Our waste levels have been significantly reduced. We developed in the 1990`s an environmental policy with a controlled system of records for waste and periodic auditing of the system to ensure effective operations.

We have invested in new machinery in our print room which is designed to cut down on waste and emissions. Ink tins to plates and paper are all recycled by specialist suppliers.

Substrates we use are only from sustainable resources, we require suppliers to have comprehensive environmental policies with appropriate certification. Papers are required to be ECF (elementary chlorine free) and that the finished item is 100% recyclable. This Then links to our use of Carbon Capture which we strongly support.


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